How to Find Your Dream Job


As children, we all remember being asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The breadth of career options you have as an adult is far beyond anything a child could imagine. In most cases, whether your young self chose to be an astronaut, doctor, or artist--you’re likely on the path to something much different as an adult.

Employees who feel happy and fulfilled in any career have been able to take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills, purpose in their role, a fitting company culture, and positive mentor and team relationships.

The question is: how do you find those meaningful things in a role that fits your skillset and specialized aspirations?

Target The Right Industry

One of the most career-defining decisions that budding professionals have to make is which industry to target. Building relationships and skills within a growing-industry such as technology, health care, or finance and accounting, will likely affect your career trajectory for the next several decades.

To understand your potential for career growth in your particular industry or field of interest, we always recommend that our candidates consider the market size and growth rate, competition, opportunities for growth, threats of new emerging markets, industry profitability, and technology trends.

Pick The Right Employer

Your job is more than just a place you spend 8 or more hours a day chipping away at your to do list. Alongside your project responsibilities, you’re surrounded by coworkers, bosses, and office politics. Company culture ranges from quiet, calm offices that allow you to focus to lively groups of friendly employees in collaborative spaces. In a world full of unique leadership personalities, different companies have created distinctive cultures and work environments. Some employers do little to push their employees outside of their comfort zones whereas others aggressively involve staff in regular team-building and networking activities.

"It's all about the people. Very often we choose the job that pays us the most or offers us the best benefits—which is good in the short term. But if you don't love the job, you're not going to advance in the organization anyway.” Said Simon Sinek, author of several books, including “Leaders Eat Last.”  “If you take a lower-paying job that you love, you'll advance at the organization. You'll eventually make up the shortfall and go beyond it."

Work With A Professional

An effective recruiter thinks about more than the bottom line--they aim to make lasting connections for the right candidates with the right employers. Agencies that focus on efficiently filling open positions with mediocre matches are destined for frustrated employers and employees that quickly leave the hiring firm.

The best characteristics to look for in the recruiter that you work with are are great active listening skills, relationship-building skills, honesty and reliability, dedication to providing value to their network, and confidence in their service offering.

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